There’s a lot to be said when you walk into a dentist’s office and its clean.  No one wants to walk into a dentist office that looks dirty and unorganized.  During your first visit to the office you should be observant to how it’s ran by the staff and how welcoming they are to their patients.   You should be able to ask the staff detailed questions about insurance they take and their specific procedures. It might be in your best interest to visit different dental offices until you find the right one. Pay attention to whether the staff is using protective gloves and disposing of used materials. This gives you peace of mind in knowing you won’t pick up any viruses that could harm your health.


There’s nothing worse than waiting in the lobby of a dental office for hours.  This can tell you the front staff and the dentist are not good at scheduling appointments with patients. Time is everything when getting your teeth fixed.  Most dentists will tell us how long a procedure will take and what we can expect. However, no one should wait over two hours in the lobby to be seen by their new or current dentist. This is a huge red flag that they have scheduling issues in the office and their unorganized.  Further, it may be a warning sign that you need to find another dental office to handle your oral health. You can find any dentist chevy chase md near you.


Fear of the dentist makes us have a lot of questions.  Staff members should be able to set your nerves at ease by answering all of your questions and concerns.  The best thing you can do for yourself is write out a list of questions and have them prepared for the dentist.  Most of us plan on asking questions, but often forget once we arrive at the office. If you come prepared, you’ll be able to get all of your answers needed for any upcoming surgeries or concerns about your oral health.  If staff members cannot answer simple basic questions regarding your oral health, you need to pick another office. As a patient, it is imperative you understand what is happening with your teeth and how they will go about fixing them.  If you arrive to the office in excruciating pain, then make sure you have a relative who can speak on your behalf.


The best dentist is the one that sits you down and explains all the preventive measures you can take regarding your oral health.  This includes finding and using the right toothbrush. They should explain how oral health is just as important as any other part of our body. Most dentist use diagrams to show how poor oral health can damage our mouths.  Many of these photos can be hard to look at but they are a reality. It’s in your best interest to use the preventive measures that your dentist shares with you and your family.